Is Specialized Childcare a Worthwhile Investment?

More kindergartens in Singapore are offering parents the option of specialized childcare for their younger children. Parents no longer have to look for alternative centres to care for their younger children. However, the rise in the number of centres has forced some to offer specialized childcare in Pasir Ris. 

Would you opt to send your child to a facility offering specialized childcare services? How different are the services compared to childcare centres that provide primary care?

You get a rich, research-backed curriculum.

Some of the best providers of good childcare in Pasir Ris use a research-backed curriculum to help promote development and stimulate the children’s senses.

Some parents may argue that children, even without a specialized curriculum, go through the expected milestones. While this is true, childcare centres providing specialized care give children an edge over other children. Additionally, if your child has sensory development issues, it is easy to identify them early.  

It helps children to develop cognitive skills.

Children are opportunistic learners. Younger children lack the cognitive capacity or experience to process abstract information. However, early exposure to the environment gives them a chance to interact with elements which they will attempt to understand and fit into their imagination. 

Exposure to a curriculum that attempts to enhance motor, sensory, social, emotional, and intellectual skills will help your child build cognitive skills much earlier and faster. 

The curriculum can be personalised

Children have different capabilities. Some learn faster, while others take a little longer. Childcare in Pasir Ris offering a specialized curriculum appreciates that children are unique individuals. This is why the curriculum is tailor-made to cater for every child’s individual needs. 

The curriculum also takes into account that children of different ages have different needs. For example, older children are expected to take one nap a day while children aged one year and below need at least two naps a day. 

The Childcare centre is a tailored sensory pathway.

Childcare in Pasir Ris that offers specialized care not only has a specialized curriculum, but the environment itself conforms to the curriculum’s expectations. For example, the curriculum emphasizes the need to stimulate the child’s senses. This is why many childcare centres use bright colours and have bold numbers and letters displayed on the walls.

The child’s brain may not have the capacity to demonstrate understanding of the figures, but visual exposure will help stimulate the senses. So, when their brains are well-developed, children will have an easier time learning. 

Trained caregivers

This is one area where childcare in Pasir Ris beats other centres that only provide child care services. Parents who seek childcare centres providing specialized care expect to find the trained staff to provide excellent service. 

The staff are not just caregivers, but they are teachers as well. They understand the cognitive development potential of the children in their care, and how to stimulate learning. 

Specialized childcare in Pasir Ris has many benefits. Unfortunately, some of the facilities charge a little more for the additional service. It is best to weigh the benefits of taking your child to a facility that will help prepare him for learning, irrespective of his age. For some parents, the added benefit is worth the extra cost.