Information on Childcare centres in Hougang

Singapore’s government introduced infant and child care subsidies for working adults to encourage more people to have children. Singapore’s median age is 42 years. It is not surprising that policies are in place to increase the country’s birth rate. 

In most Singaporean households, the adults work full-time. Besides the inability to care for children full time, some adults put plans of expanding their family on hold because of the high cost of raising a child. 

The subsidy doesn’t just ease the financial burden of caring for children. It also guarantees more parents will be looking for a good childcare centre in Hougang

Conditions to qualify for infant care subsidy

You qualify for the infant care subsidy if:

  • Your child is aged 2-18 months.
  • Your child is a Singapore citizen
  • The childcare centre is licensed by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

Since payments to childcare in Hougang is made monthly, the infant care subsidy is also available monthly to parents who quality. So, if you are thinking of using childcare centres while you work, you need to start looking for the ideal centre as soon as possible. The demand for these centres is high because parents who fail to secure a place miss out on the infant subsidy.

Types of infant care subsidies

Parents interested in childcare in Hougang are eligible for two types of infant care subsidies, basic and additional subsidy. 

Basic subsidy

Under this category, working mothers are expected to receive a $600 or $300 monthly subsidy for full and half-day childcare in Hougang. 

On the other hand, stay-at-home mothers are entitled to a $150 subsidy for either a full or half-day childcare program. 

Additional subsidy

As the name suggests, this subsidy is given in addition to the basic subsidy. Single fathers and working mothers who work for more than 56 hours a week and have a household income of $7,500 and below are entitled to additional subsidies.

Since these parents work long hours but still have a low income, the government felt they need additional help with meeting the costs of childcare in Hougang. 

The other category of people who qualify for additional infant care subsidies is large families. These families must have at least five or more people per household, with a Per Capita Income of not more than $1,875. These families should also have more than two dependents to qualify for the additional subsidy. 

The application process.

First, enrol your child in childcare in Hougang that is registered with ECDA. Request the childcare centre for the necessary subsidy application forms. Ensure you have your identification card and your child’s birth certificate. 

The administration of the childcare in Hougang can guide you further on the subsidy amount you should expect. You can easily prepare your monthly budget when you know how much you need to set aside for infant care. 

Child care is a sensitive subject for many parents in Singapore. Unfortunately, even though some parents wish they could stay home to take care of their young ones, they may not afford to lose their jobs. 

Childcare in Hougang is the solution, and if you qualify for a subsidy, even better. You not only get professional infant care, but you also get government support. Find out as much as you can about the infant care subsidy program and how you can get all the financial help you are entitled to receive.