The Sundays in Patton Park (SIPP) Summer Concert Committee was formed in 2002.  Its mission — to revive a musical tradition in Patton Park and foster and promote a sense of community for residents of Hamilton and Wenham.  A focal point of the park is the traditional New England bandstand, which was built and dedicated in 1993 as part of Hamilton’s bicentennial celebration.  That year the gazebo played host to several concerts.  However, in subsequent years only occasional concerts have been scheduled in Patton Park.  With the new century and a renewed focus on building community, we hope to continue presenting free weekly concerts each summer.

Our committee organizes and hosts concerts in a variety of diverse musical styles, appealing to a wide audience.  Seeking to include bands that have a following on the North Shore and beyond, we have booked performers ranging  from musicians in our own communities of Hamilton and Wenham (Snowdonia and plan B) to performers with a regional following (Grupo Fantasia and 60’s Invasion) and sometimes even national recognition (Bill Staines and Allen Estes Band).

Committee members are all volunteers who plan and host the concert series and also seek all the funding for the performers, as well as associated costs for advertising [See SPONSORS].  If you have feedback for the SIPP Committee, have suggestions for future bands, or have any other questions or wish to contribute, email us at PattonParkHamilton@hotmail.com