What to consider and where to look when choosing a good private school in Singapore


What do you think is an ideal school for your children? Every parent wants the best for their child especially when it comes to education because it is something very important to have. With the vast numbers of schools out there, private or public, it is pretty difficult to decide where to send our children to. However, some parents already choose to send their children to private schools because of some good reasons. Singapore, just like any other countries, has its own top private schools to be proud of. We could choose from them but we should still make sure that it is the right one for your child.

Little Steps Asia’s article will give us some helpful information about the top private schools in Singapore.

Top Private Schools in Singapore

A private education does not come cheap, but it does come with first class qualifications, access to amazing sports facilities, Broadway worthy drama studios and the opportunity to travel this stunning continent. But what you may not know is that the little island also boasts itself as a top-notch private education hub.


The Australian International School (AIS) is a co-educational Preschool to Year 12. Established in 1993, the school has an enviable reputation for its unique pastoral care, academic excellence and wide range of co-curricular offerings. They have sports facilities many athletes would be envious of. Read more here.

Those were plenty of singapore private school to choose from. However, in choosing the right school for our children, we should not just rely on the name but we must also consider all the other factors about it like the cost and many others. Not because it is considered one of the top private schools doesn’t mean that it is the right one for you and your child.

To help us more about it, Get.com will guide us in choosing the top ten international schools in Singapore.

Top 10 International Schools in Singapore

Did you make the move to Singapore recently? Looking for a school for your child? You might have heard of the rigorous school system here in Singapore and are weighing the options between a local or international school. There is no doubt a lot to consider, as the type of school you choose can impact your child’s emotional, mental and social development. We at GET.com understand your dilemma and are here to help you with 3 key considerations to think about.

  1. How Long Will You Stay In Singapore?

The length of your stay is a major factor to consider for the choice of school for your child. If you are on a short term assignment and looking to stay in Singapore for less than three years, considering an international school might be your best bet, especially one that mirrors the education system back in your home country. Read more here.

Great! Those pieces of information could really be helpful when choosing the right private school. Though we have many schools to choose from, it is still not guaranteed that we would get the quality of service that we want from the school. As parents, it is our responsibility to check on the standards of the facilities and the quality of education of course. We should see to it that everything the school offers is worth it.

Sandra Davie’s article will explain to us how Singapore monitors the standard of education in every school which is really important.

Private Schools: Survival of Fittest

A record 25private schools deregistered last year with the Committee for Private Education (CPE), which regulates the industry. There are 293 registered private schools currently – the lowest in recent years – and more are expected to exit the industry this year, as the CPE prepares to enforce new and stricter rules on the private education industry. But some industry watchers say this pruning may not be a bad thing. The schools that remain will most likely be the more established ones that offer relevant courses and continue to be more viable as businesses. The new rules, which are a step towards greater transparency, academic quality and accountability, will push schools to raise their standards further. And there is a need for higher standards as the Government opens up more pathways for Singaporeans through the Skills Future initiative. Under the new rules, private schools that offer degree programmes will be required to take part in a yearly survey to track how easily their graduates find jobs. The survey will be centrally administered by CPE and results will be published on its website. Read more here.

Schools should really maintain a high quality of education and a high standard of facilities because it is a learning institution and it is important for students. They are also schools that require a higher cost that is why it would be wrong to offer something not worth paying for. Singapore is just a small country but it has many schools for parents and children to choose from. We should keep in mind all the things to consider when choosing and we should carefully weigh the pros and cons of each.