What are the benefits of exposing your kindergarten child to music?



They say that music is a universal language and there is nobody in this world who does not understand the language of music. People who have learn to love music over the years have very fond memories of childhood and the whole of their adulthood listening to music. Sometimes they want to revisit those memories and get back to listen to the music that they used to listen when they were children. Music makes memories, helps you relax and calm down and also helps you bond. It has a very calming effect on children and has even greater advantages for children.

A number of kindergartens in Singapore nowadays like My Little Campus have integrated music into their curriculum

Let us see the various advantages of exposing your preschooler to music.

It will make them smarter by improving their brain power

Research says that children who have been exposed to music at an earlier age are found to be good in studies too as music stimulates that part of the brain which is linked to reading, writing and emotional development. Children with good score cards and higher academic achievement are found to be exposed to music on a continuous basis. You can start with singing to your child every day and helping her form a connection with music at an early age. It will be special and dear to her when you sing to her every day and she will enjoy it going forward.

Music helps to enhance the memory of the children

According to research, music is also held responsible to stimulate that part of the brain which enhances memory and helps children in remembering things for a longer period of time. Children who were exposed to music on a daily basis were found to have good memory power and also score well in academics due to enhanced memory power. While learning a song a child is required to learn many parts of a tune and memorize the words too. This can go a long way in establishing brain connections and enhance the child’s learning skills.

It helps them to come out of their shell and interact socially.

When a child is learning to play and instrument or sing, she has to do so in groups and they are also encouraged to perform in social gatherings and functions. This can help a lot in overcoming stage fear or fear of large crowds of gatherings. The child comes out of his shell and is able to interact with adults and show off their skills as young musicians.

It builds their confidence and self-esteem.

Music is a great confidence builder, as it is a performance based art form and needs you to perform in front of people in order to show your skills to them. If the child is exposed to singing or performing in front of a crowd, it will slowly build her confidence level and make her a self -assured person who has a high self-esteem. Especially when she is doing well and is being lauded for her performance and talent as a singer. It can be very helpful to build a child’s confidence level and enhance the way she feels about herself. However feedback should be constructive and not over the top so as to keep the child grounded.

It makes the child more patience

In order to perfect a song or a performance, the child is required to listen to the song many times and over time it becomes perfect. This teaches the child to be patient and not hurry with anything as only practice makes perfect. This is a virtue which will benefit the child greatly going further. Enrol your child today and let them explore their talents.